Saturday, 16-02
December 7th
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YAY Festival

Delight Studios
Tvärbana - Luma
Heliosgatan 13, 120 30 Stockholm

Inspiring talks by

Aaron James Draplin (US), Jessica Hische (US)

Music provided by

Lifafa (IND) Live, Betula Boombox, Love Lagerberg

After Party

After Party until 02.00

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YAY Festival Edition #2 is an initiative by SNASK and Grandins Flying Circus.
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YAY is a Swedish festival that offers inspirational and mind blowing talks from amazing people as well as astonishing bands and artists and impeccable dj's. People that you could only wish would come to your private dinner table and spoil you with pristine and sensational stories. Now on stage for your viewing pleasure!

YAY is the primal destination for finding and encounter innovation, inspiration and creativity in the form of talks, gigs and dancing. It takes place in the capital of Sweden and the objective is to nurture vision, ambition and originality. At Delight Studios in the eco-friendly Hammarby Sjöstad you will laugh, cry and dance of joy. You will beg for it to keep going and we will make sure it will.

Make sure to buy your ticket in time since there are limited amount of spaces. Bring cash for food and drinks!

The date is 7th of December!


  • Lotta Lundgren (SE)

    Once one of Sweden's best copywriters until she one day decided to never go to that work again. Today famous for her humor, warmth and wit from television and her own food blog. She has an extremely charming personality and wears a charisma that is unbreakable.

    Right now everyone talks about her best seller where she talks about sex, feminism, money, love, people, and food. The essence of life. It is with greatest joy, pride and pleasure we introduce Lotta Lundgren to the crowd of Yay Festival!

    See more of Lotta at lotsoflundgren.

  • Jessica Walsh (US)

    Stefan Sagmeister, the superman who have done album covers for bands and artists such as: Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne and Aerosmith, took the decision in 2012 to bring in a new partner and in the process rename his company to Sagmeister & Walsh.

    A new star was born, and her name was Jessica Walsh.

    Now, 27 years old, with numerous awards and the epithet "Top Rising Design Star" from the Art Directors Club, consequently she’s now also partner with one of the world 's foremost icons in design. Jessica is the face of the future of design and she’s also the genius behind the project "40 Days of Dating"; a dating experiment, as noted by NBC, BBC, CNN, Time, Guardian, Elle etc. Film rights to "40 days of dating" has now been bought by Warner Brothers and Jessica can probably look forward to even more fun, fame and glory.

    See more of Jessica at sagmeisterandwalsh.com.

  • Maddox (US)

    Maddox is known for writing long angry articles about things he hate: Cameron Diaz, Utah, Idaho, children's drawings and internet related phenomenons such as "bloggers". He is also a gifted drawer and is often keen on showing the difference between the tallest building in Salt Lake City and the tallest buildings in "real cities". Or as he says: "I've pissed higher than the tallest building in Utah.".

    He is an American internet icon and satirist, who in the mid 90's, before the internet was in every mans home, had millions of visitors on his website "The best page in the universe". Maddox, whose real name is George A. Ouzounian, has also been an actor in the horror film “Ooga Booga” and released the books "I'm Better Than Your Kids" and "The Alphabet of Manliness " (the latter peaked at #1 on the Amazon sales list of 2006).

    See more of Maddox at maddox.xmission.com.

  • James Victore (US)

    In 2012 he released the book "Victore or, Who Died and Made Y​ou Boss?", a book which is regarded as something of a manifesto, with quirky, fun and entertaining opinions on everything from racism and war to capital punishment.

    James is a world renowned designer who has exhibited at MoMA and the Louvre, won an Emmy award and runs the outspoken and popular YouTube-channel "Burning Questions." He also arranges the one-day event "Take This Job and Love It", described as: "A one day live event about work, life and bucking the status quo. Come reclaim your creative freedom and access a higher level of badass-dom."

    See more of James at jamesvictore.com.

  • Emma Stenström (SE)

    In 2000, she received her Ph.D. and wrote her thesis "Strange Companies", and today she is a visiting professor at the College of Arts and assistant principal of the school. In a suit clad world, she is an economic rebel who love business as much as art. She conducts research in cultural entrepreneurship, hates Kansas, and can best be described as a hybrid between researcher, teacher and debater.

    Because of her energy on stage she got the attention of the Swedish National Television, and they didn’t hesitate to offer her the job as presenter in their art show “Arty”. As if all this was’nt enough she also has time to be CEO of the Association of Culture & Enterprise. We are extremely pleased that she’s got time to swing by YAY.

    See more of Emma at kulturekonomi.se.


  • 17.30


  • 17.40

    Emma Stenström (SE)

  • 18.10

    Maddox (US)

  • 19.00

    Break, food & beer

  • 20.00

    Jessica Walsh (US)

  • 21.00

    James Victore (US)

  • 22.00

    Break & beer

  • 22.40

    Lotta Lundgren

  • 23.20

    Party, DJ's & drinks

    All times are approximate.

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Saturday December 7th

Delight Studios
Heliosgatan 13
120 30 Stockholm

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  • Location

    Delight Studios, Heliosgatan 13, Stockholm.
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  • Transportation

    It takes 10 minutes to walk from Skanstull. Tvärbanan Station Luma (L 22 Sickla Udde).

  • Opening Hours

    We're in business between 1600 · 0200.

  • Admission Fee

    Average Joe’s: 249 kr.
    Students: 169 kr.
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  • Beverages & food

    You will be able to buy beer, wine and soft drinks at the venue. Bring cash, it's faster!

  • Age limit

    You have to be 18 years of age to enter the festival.

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